Another Way To Sell

The Accelerated Method of Marketing Your Property

Until recently, real estate auctions, unlike art and antique auctions, have experienced unfounded negative images in the marketplace. The majority of auctions today don’t result from foreclosure or distress situations but rather the seller choosing a cost-effective, accelerated method of selling their property. An auction is truly a win-win situation. Sellers receive immediate cash and buyers purchase property a fair market value. The price is determined by open, competitive bidding.

Advantages to the Property Seller

  • No commission to seller, there is an 8% buyer premium which pays the fees.
  • Property will be listed in the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS).
  • We will honor the sellers real estate commission obligation, up to 4% to the involved real estate brokers. A fee is paid by the buyers premium.
  • No property inspections, property is bought “as is”, no contingencies.
  • Buyers are prepared to buy.
  • Quick sale reduces long term carrying fees and maintenance.
  • Assurance that the property to many pre-qualified prospects.
  • Accelerates the sale.
  • The seller sets the terms and conditions of the sale.
  • Ensures an aggressive marketing program that increases interest and visibility.

Description of Services

  • Help the seller set the price, terms, and date of the sale.
  • Create aggressive marketing strategies that are carefully planned, scheduled, and executed.
  • Create brochures and distribute them by mail, fax, and email to our large database of customers.
  • Create a web site with the property listed, and property sheets available online.
  • Have two open house weekends prior to the listing of the property.
  • Conduct the sale with a full staff of auctioneers, ringmasters, and administrative assistants.

On the day of the auction:

  • The administrative staff will register the bidders and give them an informational bid packet. An auctioneer will be available to check all deposits.
  • Multiple auctioneers available to perform the auction.
  • The ringmasters will be in the hall making sure that all bids are acknowledged.
  • The administrative staff will take care of the contracts after each auction and an auctioneer will collect the deposits and notarize the sales contract.
  • A complete accounting of the auction will be given to the seller on the day of the auction.

Taché Auction & Sales