"Huge congratulations to my hard working father!!!! Officially a new homeowner of Amesbury Mass!  So excited for our family’s new chapter in 01913!!  Thank you thank you, beyond words can even describe, Julianna!  You went over and beyond for my dad. You truly made his dream a reality.  Your drive, your diligence, your kindness, and most importantly your patience— with my one of a kind father (to put it nicely) ha!  Is much appreciated!  From the bottom of my heart, I can never thank you enough for all your hard work and dedication, he couldn’t of done this without you!  NOW TIME TO DECORATE!!"

Sam Mercier


"The year 2017 has been an amazing year for me and my family. I have been given the chance to live the American dream of owning my own home. This house wasn’t my first house but it was the house that I could say was mine and be happy.


I was introduced to Julianna Tache to find my forever home after finalizing my divorce.  Julianna and her team, namely Eric Towne, could not have been more helpful, respectful and outgoing to make sure all of my needs were fulfilled.  Julianna and her team worked diligently to satisfy all of my deadlines in a timely fashion.  I have never been happier with the process of buying a home. When and if the time comes, I would use Julianna and Tache Real Estate in a heartbeat.  She made a stressful time in my life very simple.  I can’t express how grateful I am to own my own home. I love my house!"


Ann Correnti

Beverly, MA


"If you are reading this I have to assume you are looking for a very good real estate agent.  Please continuing reading and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.... Julianna Tache sold two properties for me. The first was a house in North Salem and she had a buyer during the first open house.  My second sale was a condo in Peabody and she had a buyer at the first open house, but due to financing problems the sale did not go through.  The buyers' property sale did not go through. It was dead of winter, terrible time to sell real estate I might add, but she sold it within another month.

I can't emphasize how knowledgeable, attention to details, patient and how completely honest and trustworthy she is.  I now live out of the country and if I had a property to sell here, I would bring here in a heartbeat if it were possible.  Julianna is the VERY BEST."

Jackie M.

San Pedro, Belize

"We own a 2 family in Salem. Due to some terrible experiences through the years with tenants; going back and fourth to court for evictions, etc. this brought us to the point of either having to sell our home OR try to find a tenant with the help of a realtor. We were so close to giving up on our house, because of all the difficulties we've had, for a good part of the 16 years we've owed our house. It's hard to believe that tenants can treat landlords so poorly. Anyway, we were just about completely tapped out of all our finances. A neighbor of ours told us about Virginia and how wonderful she was. So that day, we called down to Virginia and boy are we grateful we did. She is down to earth, honest and truly cares so much about helping out her clients to find a good tenant. We can't say enough about her. During our most difficult days, she was there for us; giving us support, lending an ear to listen to our struggles and just be there for us. She went above and beyond for us and we are so grateful to Virginia for all the work she did to help us. Virginia is a true gem of a realtor!"

Christine C.
Salem, MA


"Julianna Tache is by far the most effective realtor I have ever worked with, and I’ve worked with many.  In less than 90 days she successfully marketed and sold two properties my wife and I had owned for many years.  Both properties—one an apartment building, the other an office building—were quite old and not located in the best of neighborhoods.  Nevertheless, with realistic and reasonable pricing strategies and two well-organized open houses, Julianna was able to create multiple offers on each property, well within the fair market range.  In each case, when the original “best” offer backed out just prior to P&S signing, Julianna transitioned quickly and seamlessly to the second “best” offer without a significant reduction in selling price.  We knew these properties would be hard to move, but Julianna made both look easy.  To each transaction she brought a rare and unbeatable combination of street smarts, market insight, astute judgment, good humor, determination and resourcefulness.  Both as a professional realtor and as the caring person my wife and I have come to know, Julianna Tache is the very best!"

Herb Selesnick
Beverly, MA

"Julianna Tache is one of the best realtors I have ever worked with.  She is smart, honest, direct and thoughtful.  She will always tell you the truth and do what is in your best interest.  She helped us move difficult property in a difficult market and she did it quickly, efficiently and smoothly.  She is a shining gem of a professional in an arena filled with sharks and landmines.  I highly recommend her and would use her services again without hesitation.  Julianna is the best of the best!"

Hinda Sterling
Beverly, MA

"After being born and brought up on the North Shore and living in our home for 42 years,  my husband and I decided to move down South to be closer to our family. We contacted Tache Real Estate, scared to death, and we were greeted with such kindness that all our fears just seemed to dissipate. We were assigned the most wonderful realtor anyone could have asked for. Mindy guided us every step of the way, till the day we headed down South. She was kind, loving, reassuring till the day we drove out of our driveway. Thank you Tache Real Estate and especially Mindy for being with us every step of the way as we marched down a very exciting path. You certainly made it much easier for Northeners to go South, after 67 &6 8 years in Salem." 

Patricia & David Thornell
Rolesville, NC


"It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Terry. She made the entire process of selling our house and buying a new home stress-free. One of the things that we most appreciated was her accessibility and fast response. She was very easy to get ahold of by phone, text and email, and was very helpful in walking us through each step of the process. She handled all of the interactions with the various constituencies with professionalism and ease. We are so grateful for her strong advocacy skills, which ultimately garnered for us the best deal possible. We highly recommend working with Terry. She is pleasant, professional, and proficient!"

Mark & Sara Milone 
Natick, MA

"As you can imagine, being a first time home buyer can be exciting but also very scary. I was so nervous when I first called Judith Coughlin about a listing in the newspaper. And when I first told her my story, as I have told a few other realtors, about what I would like and how much I had to put down, I was greatly surprised that she  got back to me and was willing to work with me finding "what I could afford". None of the others, had gotten back to me after first speaking with me.

Judith is very understanding, patient and extremely knowledgeable and professional in her position. She took me to see many houses and condos. I find Judith to be very dependable. She was always there when I called to ask a question or would get back to me promptly. I have enjoyed working with her very much because she has made this experience very pleasant and less stressful for me. I would highly recommend Judith as a Realtor who would care about you."

Linda Barr
Salem, MA

 "As first time home-buyers, we naively thought that finding the perfect house at the perfect price was the hard part.  We soon found out we were wrong!  Thankfully we had Terry to help us navigate the process, from negotiating with the sellers to dealing with the banks to deciphering the home inspection.   Terry advocated for us from the moment we started our house hunt all the way through to the day we closed.  Our purchase was filled with drama – at every turn, it seemed the fates were conspiring against us and everything that could go wrong, did! Terry handled all that came our way, often times resolving issues without our even knowing they existed. If it wasn’t for Terry’s experience, persistence, and knowledge, it is likely we wouldn’t have closed on the house at all."

 Beth Daly & Todd Doehner
Salem, MA

 "Judith's expert advice on the state of Real Estate in Salem, and the quality of property being offered for sale, based on your outstanding professionalism, experience and knowledge of the local market.

-Negotiations pertaining to certain repairs that  needed to be made before and after closing, locating expert assistance in evaluating the repairs needed, and completing  them in a most professional and timely manner.

-Relentless attention to all the myriad details that came up in the march to closing that were successfully resolved in time to close, by your hard work.

By your actions, you have provided unparalleled assistance to your clients, and have upheld the highest traditions of your profession. You reflect great credit on yourself and your office."

Griff & Lorna Winthrop
Deltona, FL


"Terry helped me find my first condo, then she sold my condo, and I am now looking for a new home, which Terry is helping me find. I also  referred her to my mother to sell the family home and we were very happy with the results. Obviously, my mother and I  would both recommend Terry for any of your real estate needs."

Jennifer & Joan Berry
Danvers, MA

"Having owned several houses and looking for our “last” home as we were downsizing, we decided on Tache Real Estate and more importantly on Michele Meadows.   We asked Michele to the house to ask her some questions concerning her knowledge of the market and the business and of course - is this a good time to sell in this down market.  We have met a number of agents over the years and wanted a professional who knew the business inside out.  

Although we only asked for a brief meeting, Michele came fully prepared with market information if we decided to list with her but immediately indicated she would show us the information only if the meeting met our expectations.

The meeting went extremely well, we had picked up a considerable amount of knowledge over the years of buying and selling and Michele patiently walked us through an explanation of every question.  Without doubt she is the most knowledgeable professional we had ever met!

The sell process went smoothly as we priced it right and had offers within two weeks which we accepted.  Now to find our new home and Michele showed us several dozen homes pointing out the good and maybe not so good based on our “total package discussion” for our last home.  She was such a great pleasure to work with.  If she did not pick up a call then she called right back with the answer to our question and after several months of looking, we found our home!

Michele handled the selling agents, the selling attorney and worked very well with our attorney and we could not remember any earlier buying process going so well with no worries.  She stayed on top of every detail and gently reminded us when we actually had to do something ourselves.

We have been in our new home for several months now and love it more than the day we first saw it.  Michele worked diligently and with such a positive attitude to help us find our home and we are grateful for all her efforts and hours spent researching and walking us through right to the closing."

Mike & Debbie Eisan
West Peabody, MA

"Michele, Just a note of thank you considering I'm here in sunny Florida with my 87 yr old mom and out from under the pressure of having to sell my house especially after this winter. I appreciate  the fact that while I couldn't physically be there to care for my home, you did. The two agents before you just didn't get it. Trying to deal as caretaker of my mom, as well as trying to relocate to Florida, and trying to sell the house in New England at the same time was very stressing. I found myself trying to police real estate agents and keep up the house in New England so that it would sell. At the same time I had to take care of my mother and try to deal with real estate agents in Florida. Over four years of hoping that people were looking at the house and the agent wasn't sitting reading the newspaper, while having coffee and doughnuts during an open house. You wanted to sell my house and you knew how to make it marketable. So, thanks for stepping up and caring enough to not only keeping up the house, but getting it sold!"
Pete Marrochello
Port Orange,FL

"Michele, Josh and I want to thank you for the bottom of our hearts for all of the hard work you put into the sale of our home. From the beginning I knew it was meant to be and I think the universe brought us together for a reason.  As you know, our move to Florida was anything but smooth.  Literally, the only good thing we had going was you.  You were amazing and I would absolutely recommend you a thousand times over!  You thought of everything so I didn’t have to and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have done it without you. I also wanted to thank you for the gift card to the restaurant in Clearwater and the really sweet card you wrote.  I’m looking forward to dinner/wine there.  I took my parents to Clearwater beach last week,  we loved it there.  So far it’s my favorite beach.  Keep in touch and let us know the next time you are in Florida."

Christine, Josh, Sofia, Danny & Stewie
Clearwater, FL